Remington Education: Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

Remington Education: Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

By: Abate, Marie A.; Blommel, Matthew L.

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Publication Details

Edition: 1st Edition

Details: Paperback, 224 pages.

Publication date: 17/01/2013

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780857110664

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

A concise guide to medical literature evaluation and the provision of medication and health information. Topics covered include the appropriate way to approach a question, the various types of available tertiary and secondary information resources, and important considerations for evaluating and analyzing clinical studies. Remington Education: Drug Information and Literature Evaluation provides an overview of commonly used information sources available in print, online, or in mobile versions. Their advantages and limitations are discussed, as well as database resources (e.g., PubMed, IPA) used to locate primary literature (clinical studies). An overview of types of clinical studies and systematic reviews is included, with several chapters devoted to providing key points and concise, practical considerations for critically analyzing and evaluating all aspects of clinical drug studies. Each chapter includes worked examples and questions with answers, to assist with learning and applying important concepts. This book allows practitioners and students to gain insight into the process of properly responding to information requests, evaluating information resources, and critiquing studies that can be used in any area of practice.
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