FASTtrack: Pharmaceutics - Dosage Form and Design

FASTtrack: Pharmaceutics - Dosage Form and Design

By: Jones, David

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Publication Details

Edition: 1st Edition

Details: Paperback, 304 pages.

Publication date: 29/04/2016

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780857110787

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

This text is a new addition to the FASTtrack series. As well as being a revision guide on pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry , it offers an accessible i ntroduction to an otherwise daunting subject . It covers the essential organic chemistry and some important biological chemistry tha t is required by undergraduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical s ciences students. The topics covered range from the basics of ato mic and molecular structure and intermolecular interactions, the properties of drug molecules in respect of their stereochemistry and their acidity and basicity, the organic reaction chemistry associated with nucelophiles, electrophiles, carbonyl compounds , aromatic, and aromatic heterocyclic compounds, drug stability and drug metabolism, the chemistry of amino acids, peptides, proteins and steroids, pharmaceutical spectroscopy, drug licensing and Pharmacopoeia
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